Treatment techniques and modalities available:

IMT Integrative Manual therapy: A unique compilation of diagnostic and treatment modalities that assess and treat pain, dysfunction, disease and disability. IMT practitioners specialize in treating complex patients.
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Lowen Systems Dynamic Interface: DMI utilizes the body’s self corrective mechanisms to improve tissue mobility, biomechanics and system balance.
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Visceral manipulation: Visceral manipulation is used to help relieve the tension in ligaments, deep tissues, joints and organs in the body. Occasionally surgical procedures, inflammation or disease cause adhesions that prevent normal movement. Lack of motion can lead to imbalances and restrictions that contribute to pain. During visceral manipulation, physical therapists gently apply manual movements to encourage normal motion and tone.

Muscle energy: ME is an osteopathic manipulative technique used by physical therapists to restore joint and spinal alignment and improve range of motion.

Medical Exercise: A type of therapeutic exercise that uses high repetition and low load in order to facilitate the physiologic healing of various tissues (Tendon, Ligament, muscle, etc.)

Neural Tissue tension: a gentle indirect as well as direct technique to release tension in and along nerves and within the spinal cord.

Strain Counterstrain: Developed by Dr. Lawrence Jones in 1954, it is a positional release technique that relieves muscle pain and relaxes shortened muscle tissue due to spasm.

Myofascial release: a gentle soft tissue mobilization technique to release fascial connective tissue restrictions that are limiting range of motion and contributing to pain. (The Barnes Institute)

Craniosacral Therapy: “A gentle hands on method of evaluating and enhancing of a physiological system called the craniosacral system-comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord”. (The Upledger Institute)

Body Talk System &: A form of energy medicine that balances and synchronizes all the systems of the body.

Psych K™: A unique and direct way to identify and change subconscious beliefs that perpetuate old habits of thinking and behaving that you would like to change.

Core stabilization: techniques addressing the strength of the core muscles of the trunk and pelvis. Instruction in home program utilizing the swiss ball, foam roller, pulleys, rotation plates etc. (Shirley Sahrman)

Kinesiotaping: The use of elastic kinesiotape to facilitate muscle function or reduce muscle tension.

McConnell Taping: Supportive and corrective taping techniques for joint dysfunction.

Cold laser: Use of infrared and far red photostimulation of tissues to increase facilitate pain relief, inflammation reduction, increased range of movement and tissue healing.

Ultrasound: The use of a sound wave to vibrate through the different densities of soft tissue and increase circulation, reduce muscle tension and facilitate pain reduction and soft tissue healing.

Electric stimulation: High volt, Interferential, Russian, microcurrent all available.

Iontopheresis: The use of electric current to drive a medication such as dexamethasone (anti-inflammatory), or Acetic acid (calcium deposits) through the skin directly to affected areas.

Kathleen Eakins Services

Kathleen Eakins Services

Kathleen Eakins Services

Kathleen Eakins Services